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Dwayne Duncum
Dwayne Duncum
Managing Director of On Fire Consultants

Dwayne has over 20 years’ experience in Health, Safety and Environmental Management. Having worked in multiple industries in multinational organisations in over 5 countries.

He has always adopted a pragmatic approach. Enabling him to lead a diverse team of health, safety and environmental professionals across several countries. Setting strategic and operational plans, aligned to the business objects.

Specialising in system design, implementation and continual improvement, through technology based solutions. Enabling data drive decision making to achieve sustain improvements.

Dwayne’s specialises in management system design, implementation strategies and continual improvement frameworks. Dwayne is seen as a trusted advisor, having delivered consistent outcomes for his customers, internally and externally. 

Through his engaging manner Dwayne is able to work across all layers within any organisation. He is able to present to board members and discuss technical details with the site team.